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The three Jacksons
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The three Jacksons


Het legendarische Rotterdamse Accordeon-trio

The 3 Jacksons





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The 3 Jacksons

Joop Stedehouder


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Leo van der Velde
Jackson Music Beheer B.V.



        Het voormalige kantoor van

           de Holland Amerika Lijn

              is nu Hotel New York

       English translation of the


The Three Jacksons was a

successful Dutch accordion trio. Started in the tumultuous times

of the Second World War (1940),

they gained most of their fame

in the post-war times. They travelled all over the world,

not only Belgium, France, Italy,

Norway and other European countries, but they were also

very popular in the Dutch East Indies with the Dutch military.

In the 70's they travelled the

world several times to Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand, where they performed

for the Dutch clubs. They were

also frequently seen on

television and performed much

of the radio.

The trio was founded by

Harry van der Velde, Piet van

Gorp and Piet Koopmans. After

the death of Piet Koopmans in 1971, the trio was reinforced by Jaap Valkhoff.

The death of the leader, Harry

van der Velde in 1977 was also

the end of The Three Jacksons.

The Three Jacksons have a

special bond with the

ss Rotterdam and the Holland America Line. They were

not only extremely popular

with the staff parties of the

Holland America Line in Rotterdam, but also the photos

of some beautiful long-playing records were made ​​on the

Grande Dame; ss Rotterdam.

The ss Rotterdam is the largest passenger-liner ever built on

Dutch soil. Many years she

served as flagship of the HAL.

In her early years (1959-1971)

the steamship operated a scheduled service between Rotterdam and New York,

but after the rise of aviation,

the ship was only used for

cruises. From February 2010,

the ship is used for events and

as a convention center. She is

now one of the largest hotels

in Rotterdam.

leo van der Velde.